Sunday 2 May 2010

Turning a Tin into a cute little Gifty!!

By Colleen ~HappyLittleArt~

Hi Again!! Today I wanted to show you how to easily turn a tin into something a little bit more! =:O)

You'll Need:
a Tin, Sticky Tape, Glitter, Scrapbook paper, a small embellishment and Ribbon!

First: Run your Sticky Tape along the top rim of the tin:

Then pour your glitter all over the Sticky Tape and brush off any extra!

Measure the space on the bottom half of the tin and cut a scrapbook strip of paper to fit all the way around. Using your Sticky tape again, adhere to the tin.

Now fill with something....I used M&Ms...but you could put anything in there...Jewelry, hair clips, a love note! Then tie a ribbon around it and put your small embellishment on top...Viola....a cute little dressed up tin...Perfect for gift giving!

Fun huh and easy!!! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! You can pop over to my blog to see the exact supplies I used or just stop by to look around and say Hi!
Colleen ~HappyLittleArt~


Janette said...

Lovely idea,thanks for sharing.x

Margreet said...

great and quick idea....thanks for sharing!
xxx Margreet

Cherie said...

I enjoyed it too. Thank you for doing it, gorgeous result.
Love Cherie

Julie Allain said...

Thanks for another great Tutorial Colleen !!

Chiara Handmade said...

lovely!!! Thanks for sharing, it's a great idea for a gift... very often I've little time... this is a nice solution! (where do you find the tin?)

Anonymous said...

Oh this is gorgeous!! I love this whole project! brilliant Samantha :0)

Hannah said...

Yeah, I agree! This is really lovely. And also a cute way to organize some cute little stuff like hair clips. Thanks for sharing this. =)

Loraine Arderne said...

Such a gorgeous project. said...

Aww, this is so cute! how great for gits and weddings. Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

HeARTworks said...

This is so pretty and would make anyone who received it feel extra special. Thanks for sharing! Patsy from