Friday 7 November 2008

Coffee Sleeve Mini Album Video Tutorial

Use your trash that maybe you put in trash to do beautiful things and gift for friends.
More details of materials used in my blog.

Thursday 6 November 2008

Nestability Christmas Tree card

I am so dreadfully in love with my Nestability dies atm!! I'm really enjoying playing around with them and seeing what I can create with them!!

To create you will need –
Nestabilities scalloped ovals set
Brown ribbon
Sanding block (only if using coredinations card)
Clear Kindy Glitz
Ink pad in co-ordinating colour
To begin –

1. Begin by cutting out the size card you would like – I cut mine from a piece of Coredinations card and then sanded the edges to give a subtle blue edge to my card.

2. Next, use your nestability Oval scalloped die to cut out 4 ovals. Run each through an embossing pocket – I used a cuttlebug Xmas Snowflakes one!!

3. Once embossed, rub a white ink pad over the top of the raised section of each scalloped oval then a co-ordinating ink pad over the edges.

4. Adhere each of the oval over each other, ensuring a ¼ inch offset.

5. Finally, ensuring your oval set is laid in front of you in portrait style, mark the centre top of the bundle. This will be your cutting point for the 2 cuts you will make. Next, mark 2 radiating lines from this point, you should end up with an upside down cone shape and cut. Turn around and your tree is complete.

6. It’s now up to you to complete your card. I chose to create a special effects background using inks and a straw but it’s up to you what you would prefer. I then drew a rough white line around the background square, adhered the tree with a strip of ribbon as my trunk and a small ribbon bow for decoration!!

7. The background has been created by dropping small drops of Ranger Distress inks onto gloss card and blowing through a straw to make it spread. I started with a linen coloured ink then used a blue and finally dripped droplets of silver alcohol metallic mix onto the surface. The cool part was when the metallic mixative went on as it reacted to the water based inks and created a really cool effect I really hadn't anticipated!!


Tuesday 4 November 2008

Bow Tie CHEAT!

Howdy all! I'm Adrienne and I have a sweet tutorial of how to help you make your bows perfect every time! :D <--- Smiley Face!

But, this IS cheating! :D haha. Here we go!

So this is my Bow Tying Cheat!

1. Start with your supplies :D

2. Deside where you want your image to go.

3. Put a line of glue where you want your ribbon to cross the page (I lined my glue with white ink... I am using Tombo)

4. Start putting your ribbon across your paper but do not go all the way to the end. Stop where you want your bow to go.

5. Twist your ribbon over once and then glue the rest of it down. (If you have one sided ribbon, twist it twice (until the image shows on top again))

6. Turn card over and glue edges down if you wish.
7. trim
8. look how magnificent it looks!

9. Now onto the actual BOW TYING!
10. Start with your loop

11. Fold back behind.

12. Bring around over the front.
13. Go behind with it again
14. Push through and pull.
15. This is how I mess with my bow to get the desired "ears". I have it like held between pointer finger and thumb. and then I have the ends held between random fingers and palm.

16. Once you have your desired shape. Cut off the ends. (And glue image to desired position)
17. This is my secret part... I attach the bow with a glue dot or two.

If you look close enough you can see where I put my dot!
18. Attach to card and marvel at the great bow you've just made!

Anyhoot! There ya go! If you have any questions feel free to stop by my blog
and drop me an e-mail or a comment! I would love to see you around!