Thursday 22 July 2010

Lottery Ticket Holder Tutorial

Hi everyone.
Here is a lottery ticket holder tutorial.

I've not included any measurements as they can vary depending on the type of ticket but they are really easy to adapt - maybe try a scratch card holder?

For this lottery ticket holder I'm using Taken with Teal for the base, Really Rust and Old Olive card with Old Olive Satin ribbon .

I roughly measured my lottery ticket and cut my Taken with Teal card slightly bigger and scored it in the centre.

For example, if my ticket measured 3" x 5" then I would cut my card to 6 1/2" x 5 1/4" and score at 3 1/4" but it's probably easier to just eyeball it.

I cut down my Really Rust piece the same width as the holder (when closed) and about 2 1/2" high.

Place your ribbon in the centre of this piece and make small tick marks on either side of your ribbon towards the right hand side of the card.

I then took my craft knife and ruler to cut a small slit in between the tick marks.

Then slide your ribbon from the back to the front through the slit like shown below.

Wrap the rest of your ribbon around the closed holder and lay the Really Rust card onto the base to ensure you're happy with the position before sticking it down.

Once you've got your placement, apply adhesive to the back of the Really Rust piece but not over the ribbon.

It should then look like this (below) with your ribbon running in between the two layers -it should be free to slide without getting caught.

Line up the ends of your ribbon to the right hand side of your holder.

On the back, run a strip of adhesive where your ribbon will lie and stick it down.

Open up your holder and line up the ticket so there is an even border that runs around it.

Make small tick marks on the top and side as shown below.

Again using a craft knife and ruler, line up the two tick marks and make a diagonal cut. Do this to the top right and the bottom right hand corners.

You can then rub out your tick marks.

Slip the corner of the ticket into these slits and your ticket will hold in place.

Next I closed the holder and tied my ribbon so that I was happy with it.

I try to leave the 'tails' a little longer than normal so that when the recipient opens it, they can close it again afterwards.

I only decided later to add a sentiment to the bottom part of the Really Rust card but using the Stamp-a-ma-jig made this really easy.

I just lined it up where I wanted the sentiment to go and stamped in Really Rust ink.

I used my A Rose is a Rose stamp set to stamp and cut out some images in coordinating inks.

For the rose I inked it up with Really Rust, stamped it first onto some scrap paper then onto some Whisper White card to get a weaker colour. Then I stamped the detailed image 'full strength' on top.

The leaves are done in the same way using Old Olive ink.

And it's really that easy, once you've made one you'll be away!

I really hope you've found this tutorial useful.

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Nicci x

Tuesday 20 July 2010


Album Totalansicht

Isn’t it cute? I made this album as a present for our cat sitter who’s totally obsessed with our cat. But it works with other subjects as well – kids, parents, partners, travel destinations… whatever you like. You combine photos and attributes from A to Z. For example: A like Adorable, B like Beautiful, C like Chaotic.

I liked it so much that I made the same album for myself. If you want the pictures to be larger, just go to my original post on my website.

ZutatenYou’ll need 14 coasters. The shape doesn’t matter, square or round will do as well. They’ll be bound together with 2 album rings. I don’t have photos of the making-of itself, but the images below are quite self-explanatory.

Additional materials:
  • Pretty Paper (here: Basic Grey)

  • Glue

  • Scissors

  • Hole Punch

  • Stamp Pads

  • ABC Stamps

  • 26 Photos (3×4cm)

  • 1 Eraser, cut to the photos’ size

  • alternatively a piece of craft foam

  • Letter Stickers

  • Rub-ons

  • Pretty Ribbons

  • Embellishments

Album TitelseiteAt first you cover the coasters with paper. Put glue on one side first and attach it to the paper, let dry and trim the paper. Then do the same with the reverse side. As a glue mat, you can take an old magazine, like shown here. Punch two holes into each paper-covered coaster.

As you can see, I put the name “Joschka” (my cat’s name) on the front with rub-ons. The chipboard J is covered with white embossing powder. The little metal charms and the “Life Happens”*-tag are attached with Tacky Tape. The paper “a-z”-ribbon is attached with an eyelet.

*”Life Happens” Paper by Christina Cole, Provo Craft

Beispiel 1Write down a list from A to Z and choose images and attributes. This prevents you from being confused with all the letters later on. Print out the images in a small size, mine are 3×4cm. On the back of the title coaster, attach the letter A (a sticker or a cut-out, whatever you like). Write the attribute with letter stamps*. Take your eraser as a stamp and stamp a frame for your photo which you’ll attach slightly slanted.

*Hero Arts Assorted Letters Alphabet

Beispiel 2Use the same pattern for finishing all pages.

Beispiel 3My cat doesn’t like to travel. So I turned the German word “reiselustig” (= fond of traveling) into “reise-UN-lustig” (=NOT fond of traveling) by highlighting the syllable with the help of dymo tape.

Beispiel 4It doesn’t have to be the attribute’s first letter :D

BänderWhen you’re done: Congrats! Bind the coasters together with the rings. Knot pieces of pretty ribbon around the rings (you might want to fix the knots with a drop of glue).

When you’re making your own version of this album, please send me a pic of your creation. Thanks! And now: have fun crafting!

By the way: I love comments on my website ;)

Have a fantastic day!