Monday 13 July 2009

Flower Pot Card Tutorial

At last, here is the promised tutorial on the flower pot from this post! The concept for the pot is not mine - I've seen it in many places on the internet. However, I wanted more room to stick on the flowers, and a shorter pot, so designed my own size and shapes to create it.

Click on any picture to get a closer look.

Cut a rectangle of card measuring 21cm x 10.5cm. Score at 8.5cm from one end and 4cm from the other.

Fold up on the 8.5cm score line. Measure in 1.5cm from each side along the crease. Draw a line from those points to the top corners of the flap as shown.

Cut along both of the lines to shape the sides of the pot. Leave the card folded whilst you do this.

Unfold the card, and place the embossing folder so that the edge of the pattern runs along the 8.5cm score line, and the folder covers over the front of the pot (the piece with the 4cm flap on it).

This is the finished embossing - as you can see, it extends over the 4cm score line. Scallop the edge of the 4cm flap as shown.

Turn the card over so that the outside of the pot is facing downwards, and put a narrow strip of glue along the two tapered sides. This must be very narrow, otherwise the inner card will not be able to slide in. If you are using tape, it needs to be narrower than 0.5cm to leave enough room. Fold up and stick together.

Apply glue along the underside of the 4cm flap as shown.

Fold over and press down.

Set a pair of compasses at 5cm to draw a 10cm diameter circle. Make sure that you press the point of the compass so that it clearly makes a mark in the centre of the circle.

Using a ruler draw a line through the mark in the center to divide the circle in half.

If you don't have any compasses or don't like using them, here is a template for the two half circles. Click on the image to enlarge it, and then right click on the enlarged image and save it to your computer. Then print out from this saved image, and it should print out correctly at a 10cm diameter.

Here are the two half circles cut out, plus a rectangle of card for the message insert. This measures 11cm x 6.5 cm. If you prefer, you can use a corner rounder to round off the two corners that will go inside the pot - this will help it to slide in more easily.

Insert the message rectangle into the pot all the way until the end of it is at the bottom of the pot. Make sure it is sitting straight. Then apply glue as shown.

Stick one of the semi circles over the glued portion of the message insert.

Turn the whole thing over and apply glue over the back of the insert and semi-circle.

Stick the other semi-circle on top as shown.

Here are the two completed elements of the pot ready for decorating with flowers. To make sure that the flowers fit together nicely when the pot is 'closed', make the arrangement with the insert placed into the pot - make sure that you don't glue anything over the join between pot and top though!

I have had some requests for how to make the flowers, and am working on the tutorial for that if you're interested to come back for it.

In the meantime, here's a reminder of what the two decorated parts look like -

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