Friday 10 April 2009

Cuttlebug and Border Folders

Using your Border Folders
This was always a problem for me because I kept getting the lines of the folder on the card, which I did not like. I know from the mail I have received that many other peeps are experiencing this. So, after many trys I came up with this method that I find works every time, (perhaps I shouldn't say this because there is always going to be "that" time when it doesn't).

1. Making a Modifying Folder Pad (MFP). The MFP as you will see is slightly smaller than the folder so that pressure is only put on the pattern and not on the edges, which is why you get lines on your cards. The MFP is made of thick card, taped together to make a thickness that resembles the thickness of the B plate. It's a bit time consuming, but once made can be saved and used again. PLEASE, take care here, keep testing, better to start thin and build up - if you make it too thick it could break your beloved machine.

Once you have the MFP you are ready to start embossing.

2. The equipment that I used:

A Plate, B Plate, Cardstock, Frills Border Folder, and the MFP which replaces the 2nd B Plate

You will also notice that I'm embossing straight onto my cardstock. But, you can emboss on a piece of card to use for matting and laying. I always try to emboss with the back of the card NOT wrapped round the folder. I feed this part through the CB first. I think you will see the blue card on the picture. The reason I do this is twofold. It helps to avoid creasing on the card, and also I feel looks better, but this is just a personal thing!

3. Here is the finished card

You will see that I have added a second border, using the same method

These are a few samples of cards made with the fancy corner folders - the MFP method works just the same, only a different shape.

Now are you ready to make a card using this method - go on try it out - I challenge you.

HOWEVER, I feel that I must state that I'm not saying that my way is the correct and only way, it is just my way and it works for me and hopefully will work for you so you too grow to love your bug and find out just how versatile it is. But, I stress again never force anything through your bug, better and safer to build up your MFP.

You will find more Cuttlebug and Nestie tutorials on my blog ikki's Cuttlebug Cupboard

I hope you will come and "Cuttle with me" again.

Tuesday 7 April 2009

Quilled Bunny Tutorial

Quilling a cute bunny just in time for Easter.Visit my BLOG for more videos and tutorials too! Enjoy!