Friday 12 March 2010

Soap bubbles backgrounds

Hi, this is Cuchy.
My son David and me would like to show you how we create backgrounds with soap bubbles. Hope you like it. Thanks for your visit.

If you'd like to see more of my work, please visit me at Hecho a mano

Thursday 11 March 2010

A Corsage from Paper Flowers

Recently, at Craft Fairy, I've taken delivery of a large number of fantastic paper flowers and they are too wonderful to leave untouched in boxes until they sell. So I've decided to put my floristry training into practice and show everyone how to use the flowers to make a corsge.

Set out what you need to start with:

First of all I cut the green flower in four as seen below.

Then I layered the smaller roses as shown below. Start with the smallest flower at the top and gradually wor down to the largest of the three.

Now twist the stems together.

Add some glue to the base of the leaf .

Glue behind the flowers as seen below.

Repeat the same steps with flowers and leaves for the other side. Lay them on the table and cross over at the centre point.

Put the large rose in the centre and then twist the wires together at the back of the corsage so that they lie flat. At this point, this is what you'll end up with.

However, I decided that it looked a little empty in the middle so I glued some green petals behind the central flower and I was happy with the way that it looked.

Lots more inspiration on my Craft Fairy blog.

Sunday 7 March 2010

Easter Fimo / polymer clay Rabbit Tutorial .

This is Herbert , 

Isnt he adorable ? 
Now this post is about giving  you the skills to make a simple Easter Rabbit.
Once you have had a practice you can then add more detail for one like Herbert ..
I wanted to show him and the set to you to show you what can  be done just by 
adding that little bit extra to your work .
Now Herbert has curled wired for his whiskers and is alot bigger than the one in the tutorial.
(you can always double the measurements for a bigger one !)
By making him a home , with a card to match has given him that extra special love 
which makes a fimo Bunny into a treasured possesion.

Now for the basic bunny !
Easter Gift Tutorial . fimo /polymer clay .

 Some bunny to love ......

How to........
you will need...
1 x block white fimo
small piece of coloured fimo or you can paint the decoration afterwards with acylic paint if 
you dont have the second colour..

cocktail stick or brad/paper piecer

nice clean washed hands ! white fimo picks every little fleck up !


Step 1     - cut two strips off a fimo block.
Soften these two strips in the hands and then roll it into a smooth ball.

Step 2 - Finger rolling ...
To create the chunky tear shape ..
Place one finger off  centre of the ball and gently applying just alittle pressure roll back and forth - add another finger  as it gets alittle longer , then another - this will give you an even body. Keep doing this until in measures approx - 4 1/2 cm - this is just guide for you .

it should now look alittle like this -

Step 3 - Now sit your body up 
Using the pad of your index finger and thumb flatten the top point gently - this creates a neck and a step for the head to rest on .

Step 4 -cut another strip off the fimo block - cut this in half , then half again. - 2 are for the feet - save the other two pieces for the arms.

Step 5 - Just like before , soften the clay then roll into a ball and then a  chunky tear shape ..Use the finger rolling  technique as before , you may only need one or two fingers this time.

Now flatten the clay with the pad of your finger - rolling it on gently then off .

put the feet to one side now - we come back to them later...
Step 6 .
Taking the two pieces of cut  fimo left, 
soften and roll each one separatly into
a ball , then into a sausage shape - use
the finger rolling technigue, roll gently and 
evenly with hardly any pressure , the 
rolling back and forth will lengthen  it for you.

Put arms to one side - we come back later for them...

Head, Teeth and Ears
Step 7  ,
for his Head , cut 3/4  (approx) strip of fimo and
roll into a ball , then into a tear shape - Just like his feet.
roll a small ball of fimo , flatten then 
cut a tooth shape .
Ears ,
cut one strip off the fimo block, half it , then 
half  that half again . roll each small piece 
of fimo into a ball and into a tear shape ,
just like the feet , but a bit longer.
Flatten using the pad of your finger.

The decoration...
Step 8 -
Mix some pink (or your chosen 2nd colour) 
with alittle white fimo ... 
roll 6 small balls and 2 larger ones , flatten and using the pad of your finger gently press
onto the feet .
Now , again using the pad of your finger and holding the back of the body gently press the feet onto the body ..

make two balls of even size for the cheeks 
flatten gently .

(leave to one side for now)

 roll two small balls of pink , and roll that into a 
long tear shape ,flatten and press onto each ear.
Using your thumb , flatten the point slightly,
this helps with pressing onto the rabbits head.


make a small tear shape for the nose....

(leave to one side for now)

 Roll a big ball ,into a chunky tear shape for the
egg... leave to one side .... now go  wash your hands .. lol..

All done ? now on to 
Step 9 - attaching in it all ..   
you already have the feet attached..
Always use the pad of your
next attached the head ( point at top) 
by holding the back of the body with one hand,
and gently pressing the head onto the "step"
on the neck. next do the same with the arms, notice 
how i have bent them into
a slighty banana shape..
next attach the teeth ,
then the cheeks and nose,
Now the ears ... thickest part at the top be sure to have them close together so it sticks better, bend the ear if you wish .
Using a cocktail stick or a paper piecer , press into the fimo to make his eyes.

You may wish to roll some fimo for his eyebrows, but he looks good without too !  using a knife indent his whiskers and add 3 little holes with a cocktail stick too. Ive pushed a brad into his body for decoration also. You can keep the egg plain or decorate it , once done gently push it onto the front ....   Now last but not least his bunny tail ... ive kept this last because its good to also use to help him be balanced ,, just roll a small ball of fimo and press it onto his bottom ! 
BAKING HIM .......
Bake on a plate /tile in the centre of the oven  following the manufacters temperature on the packet .For 30  minutes. Please do look at the temperature on the packet - it will be very low to bake him, and some clays are different.
There you have it your Easter Rabbit ! 
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and please let me know if you make one -
would love to see it !

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by Maddy Hill