Sunday 2 May 2010

Turning a Tin into a cute little Gifty!!

By Colleen ~HappyLittleArt~

Hi Again!! Today I wanted to show you how to easily turn a tin into something a little bit more! =:O)

You'll Need:
a Tin, Sticky Tape, Glitter, Scrapbook paper, a small embellishment and Ribbon!

First: Run your Sticky Tape along the top rim of the tin:

Then pour your glitter all over the Sticky Tape and brush off any extra!

Measure the space on the bottom half of the tin and cut a scrapbook strip of paper to fit all the way around. Using your Sticky tape again, adhere to the tin.

Now fill with something....I used M&Ms...but you could put anything in there...Jewelry, hair clips, a love note! Then tie a ribbon around it and put your small embellishment on top...Viola....a cute little dressed up tin...Perfect for gift giving!

Fun huh and easy!!! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! You can pop over to my blog to see the exact supplies I used or just stop by to look around and say Hi!
Colleen ~HappyLittleArt~