Saturday 2 April 2011

How to draw a flower with calligraphy pens

I should introduce this video. It shows you how to draw flowers using calligraphy pens that are blendable. They are available from Craft Fairy in a variety of colours. Many samples of cards using this technique can be found on my Craft Fairy Designs Blog.

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Ribbon Spool Box Tutorial

Jill and Kelly make custom party favors and decorations, mostly out of paper.  They are beginning to add upcycled gifts and home decor items to their shop.  Jill loves to Mod Podge everything and often decorate old containers, boxes, tins, etc.  Jill also has a degree in interior design and she also upcycles old furniture and sells it locally.
They were kind enough to share a tutorial with us on making the cutest boxes out of your empty ribbon spools.  But before you download the tutorial, visit their Etsy Store where you can purchase your own and see all of the great things they make too!  
Here's a link to their store where they have so many wonderful items!
 Here's where you can download the tutorial:

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Thanks!  Monica