Saturday 14 February 2009

Nugget Purse

I came across Karen's 2 pack Nugget Purse, but again - who am I to leave well enough alone, LOL! I made it bigger to hold three nuggets. Who can stop at just two?! (ok, let's be honest - who can stop at THREE, LOL!)

I used double-sided cardstock by K&Co. cut to 4" x 4 1/2".

With the 4 1/2" side across the top of the Scor-pal, score at 1", 1 1/2", 3", and 3 1/2".

Turn cardstock so the 4" side is across the top. Score at 1/2" and 3 1/2".

As shown in the picture above, cut and remove the 1/2" side sections from the 3" score line to the 4 1/2" end. Also, round the two corners on the end and add red-lined tape (or a good glue) where shown in the picture.

Cut a 7" piece of ribbon (no wider than 1/2") and place it on the inside of the box with the red-lined tape. The picture above gives better details.

Now adhere the sides together with the remaining two pieces of red-lined tape, placing the tiny tabs on the inside of the box.

The top flap will tuck down inside the "purse".

Embellish as desired. I left it pretty simple and just added a ribbon and bow with more red-lined tape.

Here's a close-up of how I did the "faux bow".

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Enjoy your weekend, Tootles!

Friday 13 February 2009

Making an Organisational "How to" book

I have to admit that I really do enjoy creating different things to make my life easier and I also enjoy sharing them with others. It takes me no time at all to write up a how to (so long as its not report writing time that is lol) and I like the idea of helping others to create. My newest article is another how to on making this -

To do book

You need –

  • 1 A4 sheet chipboard cut in half

  • Patterned paper

  • Embellishments

  • Printout copies of template

  • Ribbon Binding rings or binding comb

Directions –

Print out approximately 20 copies of the template below. Cut sheet in half and trim to size. Ensure the pages fit within the your cover (an A4 sheet of chipboard cut in half). Cut your patterned paper to the same size as your covers.


Cover both sides of the front and back pieces with patterned paper. Sand the edges to smooth.


Ink the edges of the covers, both inside and outside.


Use a binder or hole punch to punch binding holes along the left side of the cover and the inner pages of your book. I actually used my bind it all to punch a set of six holes along the top and bottom of my left edge.


Insert a binding comb or if you like the effect I went for then add a 1 inch binding ring to each of the holes.


To complete my book I tied a piece of ribbon to two of the rings, binding 2 at a time together. I then decorated the cover of my book with a variety of embellishments.

Monday 9 February 2009

Tea Bag Mini Album

Hello papercrafters! Here's something different I've been wanting to try...a teabag mini album. I was inspired by one I saw a few years ago in the Stampington, I believe, magazine. Anyhow it was quite simple to make:

-Take 4 herbal tea bags. Make a small slit on each bag and empty the tea inside. (Leaves a nice fragrance.) Set aside for now.
-Cut 8 pieces of patterned paper, 2-1/4"x 2-1/8". These will be your album pages.
-Machine stitch a border on each piece of paper.

-Stamp and embellish each piece of paper.
-Adhere the 8 decorated pages on top of the 4 teabags (front and back, of course) using paper glue.
-Sew or machine-stitch the 4 decorated tea bags together to form the album.
-To form tabs, staple a piece of ribbon to the edge of each of the last 3 pages.
TIP: I then embellished the ribbon tabs with the small flowers I found at the bottom of my patterned paper, you know, the "color-code" strip. Just punch them out with a 1/2" circle punch. See picture below to see what I'm referring to:

TIP: to cover the staples used to adhere the ribbon tab, I just adhered a paper flower or embellishment on top of the staple. See picture below. I don't know if I like the "stapled" look yet.

To complete my Tea Bag Mini Album, I will fill it up with my favorite pictures!