Friday 20 March 2009

Join in and get featured !!

If you are inspired to create something using a tutorial, tip or technique that is featured here please leave a link to your creation on the relevent post so we can all visit your blog to see what you have made

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Julie x

Thursday 19 March 2009

Faux Frosting

Adding frosting to your cupcakes is always yummy! But adding them to your cupcakes on cards is even yummier! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to add faux frosting to your cards or scrapbooks. This frosting can also be used for snow on your winter projects as well.Hope you enjoy!Don't forget to visit my blog for other great goodies!

Fold out Book

Well its been awhile but I have another article for you -


Pretty huh? But the real magic is how it works inside with all its fold out sections -


So, here's how to make one for yourself -

Card cut into the following dimensions –

1. 21cm x 30cm folded in half to create the main card section. (we’ll call it section A)

2. 20cm x 28cm folded in half to create section B

3. 13cm x 28cm folded in half to create section C

4. 13cm x 24cm folded in half to create section D

5. 12cm x 22cm folded in half to create section E

6. 10cm x 22cm folded in half to create section F


To assemble –

1. Open section A and adhere section B to the centre of the right side, ensuring it opens to the left.


2. Open section B and adhere section C to the centre of the right side as well, ensuring it open upwards.


3. Open section C and adhere section D to the centre of the bottom side, ensuring it opens to the right this time.


4. Open section D and adhere section E to the centre of the left side, ensuring it opens to the left.

5. Finally, open section E and adhere section F to the centre of the right side, ensuring it opens downwards.


6. Decorate as desired. I chose to use patterned paper to coat most sides of my pages in addition to cutting photo mats from the leftover card to adhere to different pages ready for my photos. I also attached a strip of ribbon below the patterned paper covering the cover to tie my book closed.

Wednesday 18 March 2009

A little plea....

I have just received an email warning me that the bandwidth on my Photobucket account is close to being exceeded

This is because so many of you lovely people are displaying the Inspirational banners on your blogs ~ Thank you x

I wondered if you'd be kind enough to upload the banner onto your own Photobucket account/image hosting site otherwise the banners will stop working. It will simply be a case of uploading the Inspirational banner to your photobucket and then replacing my photobucket code with yours

If you don't know how to do this, lets not panic...... I'm hoping that those that do know how to do it will outweigh the ones that don't lol

Lets see how we go

Thanks once again for you all your support for the Inspirational Blogs

Julie x