Friday 4 March 2011

Punched Flower Tutorial

Zulma, My Little Scrappy Owl, has made this easy and beautiful flower tutorial, that I'm sure you'll all going to love ;-)


Hi! I'm so happy today because I had a lot of comments about my mini flowers bouquet. I love to work with little things and that is a challenge for me. For this one I used:
1. Martha Stewart punches - Hydrengia (25 pcs aprox., small size) and maple leave (5 pcs)
2. Marvy 1" circle punch (2 pcs)
3. stylus or paint brush
4. glue
5. twizzers
6. gel pen or any kind of paint(stickles, markers, chalk, etc.)

Take one circle and make small cuts around it, save the other for final step.
Put circle in a foam base and with your stylus make circular motions to end with a semi-circle and do the same with the mini flowers.
Now, use your favorite glue and twizzers to attach the flower starting with the base or bottom of the semi-circle.

Continue gluing the flower around the circle and finish at the top.
Glue 5 leaves to the second circle and make small dots in the center of each flower with gel pen .
Glue flowers to the leave base.This is the result. Isn't a cutie.
You can see this card hereWell I hope you like my first tutorial, and don't forget to leave your comment. I love to hear from you.