Monday 24 August 2009

Cupcake Pincushion

I really like this project!!! It looks yummy!!! Like a Cupcake!!!
I used this cap from a liquid detergent bottle.I cut a piece of felt about 6inches in diameter and did a running stich around the edge of the circle.I put some Aleen's Tacky glue around the cap. It's not a good pic (came out blurry) but you can see the glue around the outside edges and rim of the cap.I put some quilt batting in the bottle cap and inside the felt and pulled gently on the thread to draw it together. I fit it on the bottle and pulled it as tight as it could go. Don't pull too hard or you might burst the thread! That's what I did the first time and had to stitch it all over again!! When you have it tight enough around the cap, finish off the stitching.Using a tool such as what I have shown here, (you can use a bone folder or stylus or even your scissors blade,anything that you can use), I tucked the edges down along the rim of the cap. If you don't have enough glue, lift up the felt a bit and add more glue. I let it set for a while before embellishing it.Here's my yummy cupcake pincushion embellished with velvet ribbon and stickles to look like sprinkles!