Sunday 12 September 2010

Paper Pennant - How to

Hi, this is Cuchy, from Spain.

Don't you see pennants all over the net?.
Here you have an easy way to cut the triangles out of patterned paper.
I hope you understand my English and find the tutorial useful.
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1. Grab some patterned papers and a piece of squared paper, more or less the same length as the papers

2. Fold the squared paper and put some marks as a guide to cut the triangles.
I set mine 8 squares width and 9 squares height

3. Fold the patterned papers

4. And make a sandwich with the folded squared paper

4. Now cut the triangle out, following the marks

5. Form a line with all the triangles

6. And glue them around a string or ribbon

Ready to use in a project.