Wednesday 23 July 2008

Oriental Poppy- Tutorial

Lets Start...

When cutting out more than one of the same coloured shape I always fold the paper and cut them out all together, below shows you the petals, use the same method for the 2 leaves.

Cut out the strip of black and fringe 2 thirds of the width of the paper.

The picture below shows all of the pieces needed to complete the flower

Cut a 8cm x 8cm square of crepe paper I used gold but green or yellow would do, scrunch up a piece of tissue paper into a ball (kitchen towel) and add this to the centre of the crepe paper and gather the paper around the ball.

Once gathered give the piece 1 twise to secure it then press the bulbus end onto a flat surface. Lay this to one side ready to add the stamen.

To add depth to the petals colour. I painted them from the pointed end up to around a third of the size on both sides using black soot distress ink and a damp brush, you could use black chalk or watercolour paint or even a black pencil.
Once both sides of the petals have been coloured leave them to one side to dry

While you are waiting for the petals to dry add score lines to leaves using a pointed tool by drawing the tool down towards you, the markings for this is on the leaf template.

The strip of fringed black paper will become the stamen, add wet glue(PVA) along the long unfringed edge, take the gold center piece and begin wrapping the stament around this sticking it just underneath the bulbus end of glod center continue wrapping untill there is none left, pinching it as you go to make sure that it sticks.

Set this to one side to let the glue set.

To shape the petals I used the Flat end of a Deet tool but you can get the same effect by using the tip of the handle side of a teaspoon, lay your petal onto a foam pad or mat using the deet or teaspoon add pressure by pressing down on the very tip of the petal and drawing the tool towards the bottom of the petal, it will crease the petal and shape it so that it is curved.

Continue this method all of the way around the top of the petal. Do this for all 4 petals.

Once you have completed shaping the first petal go on to shaping the other 3

Add wet glue (PVA) to the base of each petal and start to add them one at a time holding them in place with your fingers, slightly overlap each petal.

Continue adding the petals in this way until all 4 petals have been added

As you can see the Stem of the flower is far too long to add to your card, now here is the scary bit "cut it off"

Once this is cut off you can start to add the leaves, add a small blob of wet glue to the base of the leaf and stick it in place.

Add the last leaf and the flower is complete

Optional;- I added black diamond stickles to the stamens

A note from Julie

WOW!! Fantastic card and a fantastic tutorial !!

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