Thursday 15 August 2013

Heat Embossing Color Tip

 A quick tip showing how you can have any colour heat embossed image when using clear embossing powder, versamark and the ink of your choice... I wouldn't recommend using this method ALL the time as obviously you will be laying some versamark onto your ink pad but it got me out of a fix as I had ran out of black embossing powder and I'm a tad impatient ;)

Stamped image from Giggle Greetings by Stampin' Up

Saturday 11 May 2013

Making Flowers using a Honeycomb Embossing Folder or Hexagonal Papers

Hi everyone, here's a really quick Flower making video for you, so easy to do and I like how they turned out. Hope you all have a great weekend :)

Thursday 18 April 2013

Using bleach on a background stamp !! :)

Hi everyone, I just want to share a video I made today showing how I used bleach on a woodgrain background stamp, I've used bleach on my cards before but only on small stamps and after trying a few times to get a good bleached background image I was finally pleased with this attempt after adopting a 'less is more' attitude towards the bleach lol

Wednesday 27 March 2013

Sewing linen thread onto your cards to make branches

Hi everyone I hope you're all keeping well

Here's a little tip that I think is quite cute for your bird stamps... enjoy :)

 Let me know if you have any tips you'd like to share here,

Julie :)

Friday 22 March 2013

Thursday 14 March 2013

Treasures from the button box

Thank you very much Wil for contacting me to share your clever use of buttons to use as dolls house accessories.... isn't this clever!!  I can't tell you how long I've been staring at this photo in awe.. such a brilliant tip and I'm now looking at my own stash of buttons in a new way

You can see this photo on Wil's Blog HERE 

Wednesday 6 March 2013

Make Your Own Embellishments

Hiya There... Debbie here
Today to share is a little Tutorial.
I know we all like to use embellishments on our cards and there are some beautiful ones available to buy, but I get more satisfaction when I make my own.
I feel then the card is totally 'Handmade' with Love.
Here Im showing you how I made the frames and corners I keep being asked about and they are ever so easy.
There are LOTS of different Air Dry Clays on the market. This one Im using at the moment is a Martha Stewart one. There are different colours available but I mainly use white but also have Blue, Red,Brown and Yellow as they are the main mixing colours.
Using a little bit of clay, roll into a sausage and spread evenly around the mould, pressing firmly so that the pattern engraves in the clay.
Once all covered make sure none is overlapping the edges.
I then pop straight out and make another. I must admit the first time I did this I was scared I would spoil the frame as it wasnt set, but the moulds are so flexible it just popped out.Leave on a flat surface and allow to dry.
Then once you have become more brave try mixing. Here I used a tiny ball of red to make Pink
I even attempted a flower and attempted two colours in one mould.

 I always spend hours making embellishments and flowers, then they are just at hand for your projects

Once finished and set, which can take a few hours I then paint. I usually end up painting white anyway, but they do look nice with a different colour showing through.
Hope you liked this tutorial.
I also have more Tutorials on my blog HERE under the Tutorial Tab
Thanks so much for looking
Big Hugs

Wednesday 27 February 2013

Re-purposed Pin Cushion

Hop on over to my blog, Twisted Figures to see a tutorial on how to make this pin cushion out of a  Valentines Day box. -Shonna


Friday 22 February 2013

Would you like to contribute to this blog?

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Saturday 5 January 2013

Rose Posy Picture so 'Chic'.

Rose Posy Picture so 'Chic'.

Today's post is going to be about using some of those beautiful flowers that we sell at Craft Fairy in a picture frame. I've made this because so many of my customers say that our flowers are too beautiful to use and they keep them in a draw to look at from time to time. Well we cant have that can we. So this is how to get them out of the draw and use them to good effect.

Do you like this frame? Does it look expensive? Well, it actually cost me 99p and it came from the shop of the same name. You probably have a local one yourself so get on over and have a look at what they have in stock. There was no glass. What did I expect for 99p? Better for the purposes of making this picture.

The paper is from Making Memories and was part of my stash that I'd been keeping for a long time as it was too pretty to waste.

 Cut the paper so that it fits on the backing board. Fix it in the frame.

For the posy, I used a selection of flowers.

Large curly roses in pink.
Vintage blue roses in blue

Shape your roses so that they form  round shape as seen in the image. Then apply foam pads to the back of the posy.

Stick down onto the backing paper.

To make the vase cut a vase shape from some decorative card. I used some non shed glitter card but you could use any toning card that you have.

Tie a knot in a piece of 16mm ribbon. I used french blue,  and trim to make it look like a bow. Apply tape to each side of the ribbon and tape to the back of the vase shape.

Now attach this to the picture with more foam pads and your picture is complete.