Friday 22 May 2009

File Folder Mini Album Video Tutorial


Quilling A Bee

Here's a tutorial on quilling a cute little bee to embellish your cards or scrapbook pages.
Thanks for watching!
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Wednesday 20 May 2009

Wedding Cards

In this tutorial I have used the D'vine Swirl Folder and Heart Nesties to make a Wedding Day Card. These two were made for each other! So what else could I possibly use?

Materials used: A4 sheet of White Linen cardstock
Folder: D'vine Swirls
2 Heart Nestie Dies
Harmony Alphabet
Flowers, ribbon and beads

I first printed the words on A4 card - cut the card to 28 cms x 14 cms - scored a centre line and folded. I also scored lines just above the words.

The front of the card - the scored lines give a good edge to line the folder up to, and they just look like they should be there to finish off the pattern.
To make the card a little different, I've used the debossing method by using the folder on the reverse side. Position the folder just above the scored line. This is a brill folder because you can use it from the top, bottom or sideways, which is the way I have used it and the pattern looks right each way. The Cuttlebug logo is now underneath.

Run through the Bug - Sandwich : A/ B/ Card in folder but not wrapped round/ B
Your base card now looks like this - after I had added another line.

Next for the embellishment - Cut 2 different size hearts
Sandwich: A/ B/ card/ Die -cut side down/ C
Now to emboss these
Sandwich: A/ Die (cut edge up) with card inside/ Tan Mat and Shims (you know how many your machine will need)/ 2 B plates
Run through the Bug

Leave the card inside when you have embossed - turn over and with a scoring pen run round the edge again.

and here you will see why I do this. The embossed edge is now super defined!

To finish my card I have made initials with my Harmony Alphabet and made a flower embellishment with added beads and ribbon

The topper for my card

and my finished card.
I love the D'vine swirls folder and when you deboss the pattern it gives a completely different look. I'm not sure whether I like it embossed or debossed best -How about you?

I have been making Wedding cards this month using my Cuttlebug - you can see them on my blog. Why not check them out - with the Bug you can make stunning cards!