Saturday 7 March 2009

Quilled Roses Using A Spiral Punch

Welcome to my first video tutorial! Please be kind as it is my first. My video editing as well as my TV voice will get better as I post more videos :)
I hope you enjoy the first installment!
Please turn up your volume after the 2 (yes 2) intro's.
I'm learning.........I'm learning.
If you want to see the video in a larger format over on YouTube click HERE.
Thanks again and enjoy!

Watch And Win!

I really want to hear your feedback on what other quilling videos you would like to see. So Click HERE for the link to my blog so you can enter in my "it's my first video giveaway" for a chance to win a quilling kit to make the flowers you saw in the video! Thanks again and enjoy!

Tuesday 3 March 2009

Boxed Mini Album Video Tutorial

To see more pictures you can go to my blog
Enjoy !

Happy St. Patricks Day Quilled Shamrock

I hope you all have a wonderful St. Patrick's day. Don't forget to wear green! Better yet, make a quilled shamrock and wear it as a pin!
On the Scribd box you can click on the top right corner for a full size view. You can now email or print the tutorial for yourself or your friends too!

How to Quill Shamrocks
Take a peak at my blog here for more quilling tutorials. Thanks!

Monday 2 March 2009

Siri's BEAUTIFUL handmade flower

Isn't this stunning!!
Check out Siri's blog HERE where she tells us step by step how she made it and which tutorials were followed.
If you have a creation to show us using one of the tutorials on this blog please email
Julie x

Sunday 1 March 2009

Lifesaver Box

Here's a tutorial for the little lifesaver box I originally showed HERE on my blog. I've had a couple people request directions for this cute little box. Here's the thing, as I was designing the first one I wrote my measurements on a piece of scrap paper which has gone missing of course, lol. So I started from scratch, made another, and now I'm sharing it with YOU!


1. Cut a piece of cardstock to 7" x 4 5/8".

2. With the 7" side across the top of your Scor-Pal, score at 1 1/4", 3 1/4", 4 1/2", and 6 1/2". Here are some tips to make this easier:
* For 1 1/4", place the left edge of the cardstock
on the 3" Scor-Pal line
and score at 4 1/4".
* For 3 1/4", place the left edge of the cardstock
on the 1" Scor-Pal line
and score at 4 1/4".

3. Turn cardstock one quarter turn to the left. The short side should be across the top, and the 6 1/2" score line from step #2 should also be at the top. Now score at 1", 3", and 3 5/8".
* For 3 5/8", place the 3" score line
on the 1 1/2" Scor-pal line
and score at 2 1/8" (the little dot right beside the 2).

4. Click on the diagram above if you need a better view. Cut in to the first score line where you see red lines in the diagram. Be sure you're cutting in from the correct edge of the cardstock!

5. The gray shaded areas of the diagram designate sections to be removed. So cut those out now.

This is what your cardstock should look like now. I have mine turned upside down from the diagram though, so don't let that confuse you.

6. Begin assembling your box. First, I adhere the 1/2" flap on the box (not pictured). Next, I adhered the bottom.

I used Scor-Tape for this project - have you ever used this stuff? Oh my gosh, I absolutely love it! It's plenty sticky and the GREAT thing is - you can tear it with your fingers! No need to take time for scissors like with other double-sided tapes. Just rip a piece off, put it on the cardstock, and peel off the white layer. And look how much is on that roll! Gotta love more bang for your buck!

Ok, now back to our regularly scheduled programming, lol.

7. Next, stack 5 lifesavers inside (the kind that are individually wrapped in cellophane) then adhere the top 2 flaps together.

8. Embellish as desired.

The stamp set I used is called "Dear Friend" and it's in the new Serendipity Magalogue by The Angel Company.