Monday 24 September 2012

How to Make Halloween Eraser Magnets

Hey all, this is angie from Desperate Houselife. This is a super easy tutorial I originally posted in 2011, but I figured i’d share it anyhow for Halloween.

This is a super easy tutorial, but I figured i'd share it anyhow. I made Halloween magnets from erasers I bought at Dollar Tree. They are cute and cheap home decoration, or gift ideas. Spookify your fridge, hand them out in lieu of candy, or give them as favors at a hosted Halloween party. Fun!
Materials: Magnet, Super Glue and Erasers. I Bought A 12-pack of Magnets at Dollar Tree.
Cut the magnet comparable to the size of the magnet and Super Glue it to ensure that it holds. I find the regular magnet adhesive to be lacking in strength. The smaller you cut, the less it will hold on your fridge.
Put those babies up and coo at them.