Friday 30 January 2009

I know its already the end of January but I really didnt get the chance to create this any sooner BUT then again there are still 11 months still to use it lol!!


Requirements –

  • Sheet of chipboard 15cm by 30cm

  • Patterned paper

  • Embellishments
  • Printout of templates

Directions –

Tear two strips of patterned paper and adhere them to each side of a piece of patterned paper cut to 8cm by 30cm.


Cut the strip of chipboard into the following sized rectangles – Two pieces of 15cm by 10cm & Two pieces of 15cm by 5cm


Lay the chipboard pieces on the back of the piece of patterned paper you just created in the following order; 10cm by 15cm, 10cm by 15cm, 5cm by 15cm and 5cm by 15cm. Remember to leave a small gap of approximately 2mm between each piece and adhere to chipboard. Sand all edges to neaten but the bottom edge where there is an overhang as this will be used to complete the spine.


Repeat on the reverse with another piece of patterned paper to cover the inside of the spine. Score along each of the gaps you created between each of the chipboard pieces and gently fold into position. Glue the flap you left earlier to the other edges to secure both edges together. Adjust each of the folded edges until the cover spine sits flat.


Print out each of the templates below, simply save each JPeg to your computer and print at an A4 size.

2009 calendar template

Dates template

Cut each into sections, arrange in order and staple together to create 2 mini books.


Thursday 29 January 2009

Valentine Project- Love Hearts

This is a very easy project!!! VERY easy!!

You will need:
~Love Heart candies
~patterned paper
~2-way adhesive tape
~other items to embellish
1. Cut your paper to the size 4 X 3 1/4. Roll the paper along the edge of your table so that when you put it around your candy it will stay on there better.2. Add adhesive tape to both sides on the back.3. Tape one end along the edge of the candy.Roll it around and tape the other end.4. Tie a ribbon and tag around it and use any embellishments you wish.

See, I told you it was EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have more projects to share but I'll post them all sometime between now and Valentine's Day!!