Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Handbag Tutorial


Pink Card handbag 10.5" x 6"

Insert box 7" x 6"

Hndbag strap 1" x 10.5"

White card Lid of handbag 4" x 6"

Flowers and ribbon to decorate

Lets get started
click on the images to enlarge

Get scoring follow the arrows

Making up the insert box

The inside just nice to pop in a gift

Making the top of the bag pretty

Things are starting to take shape

Nearly there!

Last step

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Barbara Jean said...

So cute,and my granddaughters LOVE pink!!
blessings and thanks,
Barbara Jean

Nancy said...

WOW This looks amazing:O) I will have to give it a try;O) Thanks for the inspiration!
Hugs, Nancy

white.sheep said...

Your blog is amazing!Thank you for all tutorials.

Kerri said...

Absolutely beautiful, you are so clever! will have to try it out, and thanks for sharing!