Friday 12 June 2009

"Faux Postages" is French and means fake postage stamps. They look great on cards and layouts! Here's what you need:

The procedure:

  1. Print page 1 or page 3 on your white paper. Page 1 is for blank postage stamps, page 3 has the common German value "55" printed on each stamp.

  2. Print page 2 on a transparency because that's what you'll turn into your stencil. If you don't have that option, some plain paper will do.

  3. Using a ruler and a cutter, cut out one of the grey rectangles (image 1). Crop the rest of the sheet.

  4. Place it accurately on your stamp template and color your stamp's background (image 2 & 3).

  5. Using some scratch paper and a kleenex, you can easily clean the stencil - in case you printed it on a transpareny (image 4).

  6. When the background has dried, you can use the stencil to stamp the stamp's motive (image 5).

  7. Let it dry (image 6).

  8. Crop the faux postages using a ruler, or do it freehand or with scalloped scissors -whatever you prefer (image 7).

  9. Great! (image 8).

  10. Now you can create a card (image 9). As you can see, I decided to stamp the stamps' value on the corners. You might add little words instead (Love, Friend, Fun, Hug...). Have fun!

  11. If you do, please let me know - I'd love to see your creations!

    Thanks for reading!


Julie Allain said...

Oh I LOVE this!!

Thanks for a great tutorial :)

Margy said...

Fantastic tutorial! I cannot wait to try this!

Anonymous said...

what a fab idea! xx jo xx

Unknown said...

bellissima !!!:-)

Pink Princess said...

I LOVE THIS TOO!! Great, thanks ♥

Unknown said...

That is a REALLY cute idea!!! thank you for sharing, I can't wait to try this (but will have to for now as I am swamped for my next craft show). Have a great day!! said...

WOW! These are really cool. Endless possibilities. Thanks so much for the template too! I'll be linking to this.

MaBaker said...

Really nice, thanks so much :)

Dawn T said...

great tutorial. I had a go this morning.
loved how it turned out. Thanks

Scrappiness said...

Ohw this is so clever!! Thank you for sharing this with us.