Friday 21 November 2008


I thought I'd share this tutorial with you - Spotlighting With Punches.

1. Stamp your desired image on two pieces of card stock. Set one aside to serve as the background for the spotlighted image.

2. On the first piece of card stock punch out the piece you want to highlight, then colour with markers or watercolours. Alternatively you can colour the area first and then punch.

3. Line up the punched, spotlighted piece with the previously stamped image on the second piece of card stock. Mount on coordinating card stock if desired.

4. There is no need to discard the second piece of cardstock, the hole can be covered with an embellishment - giving you two completed projects.

Here are my examples:
A note from Julie : This is such a cool idea ~ For further inspiration you can check out Fiona's blog HERE

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Cheryl said...

Great idea! I love using punches