Saturday 22 November 2008

"Box" Card

I added this to my blog tonight and thought I'd share it with you :) I find these little 'boxes' addictive once I get going :)

Is it a card or is it a box? Well it's both.....
This card looks like a regular card until you open it and then 'surprise' there's a little box attached.

I made these cards last year to hold school pictures of my boys I was sending out, so thought I'd take the time and share the instructions with you :)

You can use them for gift card holders or sending flat type embellishments to fellow carders as a little surprise :)

Bone Folder
Text weight paper (sheet of computer paper)
Patterned paper


1. Cut the text weight paper to 8 1/2" x 11"

2. Fold your paper into 3 equal sections and score with your bone folder for nice sharp creases.

3. Open up your paper and take the left side and bring it to the middle and fold the edge back, do the same on the right, you should have what looks like 'french doors' now. Crease well!

4. Keep your paper folded and FLIP it over, fold the tips back BUT not t he 'door' flaps to make points at both ends.

5. Unfold tips and FLIP your paper over again. Pull the 'door' flaps down towards the bottom and do this for all 4 corners.

6. Keep everything folded and FLIP your paper over again, fold down the flap at each end.

7. FLIP your paper over again and UNFOLD everything, tucking the last fold INWARD at both ends.

8. Take the LEFT 'door' flap and fold it over the RIGHT 'door' flap, then pull the top LEFT section downward and fold, now do the same with the bottom section, then fold the 'door' flap back over. Repeat this for the other side.

9. Now you should have your little box!

To make up the card:

Base: cut your cardstock 4 1/4" x 5 1/2", put adhesive on the bottom (back) of your box and place it centered on your base.

Flaps: cut your cardstock 4 1/4" x 5 1/2", and then cut this in half and adhere the flaps of the box to the center of each flap.

You add patterned paper at this point if your wish to cover your flaps as well.

The center panel on my card is 3" x3" and you only adhere half of the panel to the left side flap.

Embellish as you see fit :)

Happy Carding!


Julie Allain said...

Oh I love this!!!! WOW!! said...

Wow, this is so cool! I love it! I'll be linking.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Had to make two for my self. And i will do more of this. Check my blog for pictures

Lisa Fulmer said...

this tutorial is really great! I am putting together a post of fun 3-D papercraft projects this weekend, I will link you in!

T.L. said...

Pretty and useful, too--my favorite combination. Great tutorial.

Anonymous said...

Looked so clear in the tutorial, but I could get it to completion. HELP!! LOVE the idea.

Rachel (

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing the instructions for this cute card.

Crafty-liz said...

This is the coolest thing. Thanks for sharing. I just made one with success! I won't be able to repeat it yet without help from this tutorial but I loved making it.

Unknown said...

Super cute box card!! Thank you for sharing the tutorial. I LOVE it! I've never seen a card like it and look forward to attempting it for this Christmas ~ AngelMira

Em said...

Love this idea. Made one yesterday for a dear friend. Will definitely be making more of these. Thanks for the great idea!