Friday 14 November 2008

Pictorial guide to drilling dominos

This is how I drill dominos. I drill them in bulk! I get the tools ready - a cordless drill and drill bit, a wooden board, a foam block, dominos, masking tape and a marker pen. Tip: Do check the drill is charged up... nothing worse than starting and then having to charge it!!


Line the doms up and tape them together, spotted side up (makes it easier to centre the hole).


I use an old wooden pizza board under the foam block in case I get carried away drilling! I find the foam good for doms which have the brass bit in the middle... Here they are taped to the foam and I have used a Sharpie to mark where to drill on the masking tape, which stops the drill bit from sliding all over the domino.


These are mini dominos for the earrings I am making - it isn't that the board is huge!!! Now for the drilling:


Light, but firm pressure on the dom with the drill bit - do check if yours has reverse, that it is in the 'forward' mode. I have often been drilling in reverse and wondering why I am not getting through the domino! How blonde can you be?!


Reverse neatly back out of the hole...


et voila! 10 neatly drilled dominos, no blood, and very little mess!

Credits: DD for taking the photos and DH for letting me loose with his power tools!! I hope that helps - it's like everything else - just a matter of practise. :)

A note from Julie : Thanks for a great tutorial Rosie ~ For further inspiration you can visit Rosie's fantastic Blog HERE


Ribbonwood Cottage said...

Hi I am new to your blog and I love it! I was doing a search on Christmas planners and found your post from last year. I would love to post about it next week on my blog and link to your post, would that be ok with you. All next week I am doing posts on Chrsitmas planners and organization. Please let me know and that would be great. Debbie

Machin Stamps said...

Hi, Thanks, I'm off to the shed for the drill now.
Do you have any tips on how to drill into the top edge? I can only think that I will have to use the clamp.

A quick heads up whilst I'm here, Tesco's are doing sets of dominos in a tin ( just right for altering) for just £2

Shelly @Crafty Creative Studio said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I have seen art on dominos, but not a drilling method! Can you recommend a drill bit size that works on standard size dominos? (If you have any spare time to answer!) :) Thanks.

Anonymous said...

To drill down through the domino,try using a drill press and some kind of jig to hold it perpendicular.