Monday 10 November 2008

Tutorial: "Slim Jane" gift box using Scor-Pal

Hi Julie! Thanks for allowing me to share my tutorial. Don't know if this is how I'm suppose to do it but I just copied my "Slim Jane" tutorial post from my blog to yours. Is that okay? I was going to post a new tutorial I'm working on... "Vintage Meets #10 Envelopes"...but I have some things to finish up yet. So here's Slim Jane:

Anyhow here's a gift box I made with my Scor-Pal. It was a box I saw at a store and was inspired to try to mimic it. It's a tall and slender gift box that could be used to hold candles, pens, tall candy bars or whatever you wish to fill it up with. Hope you like it. The instructions are on my SLIDE below. Remember to slow down the slide just hold your mouse over the picture. Thanks for visiting!

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Julie Allain said...

Thats absolutely perfect Mary, Thank you for a brilliant Tutorial xx