Wednesday 18 June 2008

Tomato Paste Tubes revealed!

So, here are some photos I took so that you can see how to use the puree/paste tubes for embellishing your projects. You can wash out any tube, really! They all differ slightly inside as to tone and colour.

Cut the top and bottom of the tube off. Cut carefully along one side and open out. Wash any residual paste/cream off, flatten out and dry, CAREFULLY. The edges will be sharp, so don’t cut yourself.


Now here’s the inside, washed, dry and ready to emboss:


Now I trim this (which also sharpens your scissors for you) to fit the Cuttlebug embossing folders, pop it in and run it through my Sizzix. Here’s the one I used last night - I embossed it first with the Hearts folder and then ran it through the stylised flowers. I like both together and separately!


Ready to cut to size, or punch out and use on your projects. You can also decorate these with alcohol inks before cutting and sharpies work well on them, so you can add your own lettering…. your recycled tubes mean you will always have a metal embellishment or the stash to make one whenever you need it.
TIP: I also keep the occasional Chinese Takeaway foil containers for recycling, foil sweet wrappers, which tear nicely… Feel free to share your ideas with me too! I’d love to hear your fave thing to recycle and how you use it!

A note from Julie:~ Thanks Rosie I love all of your creations using the paste tubes it's such a lovely effect and great that you are recycling at the same time !!

Go and check out Rosie's Blog HERE ~ You will find beautiful creations where she has used the paste tubes on her projects and click HERE to see my personal favourite :)

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