Friday 13 June 2008

Making a watermark in Paintshop Pro

Thank you Julie for asking me to share this tutorial :)

Hopefully you'll be able to follow this tut and will be adding watermarks to your photos easily afterwards.

I am using PSP 7 for this tut, although other PSP versions will do this too.

1. Open up a new image with a transparent background, mine measures 300 x 300 pixels.

2. use the bucket fill tool to add a base colour (any darkish colour will do, this is purely to be able to see the actual watermark whilst working on your design)

or skip the above and open a new image with a darkish background (I always use a transparent image to start with so have transparent as default)

3. Add a new raster layer (Layers > New Raster Layer)

4. On Layer 2 (click on layer 2 on the layer palette to select) ... click the paint brush tool and select a background design from the list, I chose this skinny flower design and added 2 flowers

5. Add a drop shadow

6. Make the opacity less by sliding down the slider in the layer palette on layer 2 only, I took mine down to 30%

7. Add another raster layer

8. On Layer 3 ... click on the text tool and add your text in white, I chose verdana font and typed 'Handmade By'

and on the same layer (layer 3) I added the word 'Inchy', but in a different font and bigger...

9. Take the opacity of layer 3 down to 60%

10. Crop around your watermark so that there isn't loads of space around it

11. Now we'll get rid of the background colour, click on Layer 1 in the layer palette and then hit the delete button on your keyboard, the background should now have gone and you will have a transparent background again

12. Merge all the layers into one (Layers > Merge > Merge Visible)

13. Make your watermark into a picture tube... (File > Export > Picture Tube)

14. Give your watermark a name

That's it, you've done it! YAY!

Your watermark is ready to use and is available to add to your photos

See how it is slightly see-through?

also, you can alter the size of your watermark by sliding the percentage scale so that you can fit your watermark onto a large layout or a tiny inchy ;)

Happy PSP'ing !!!

Jo xx
A note from Julie :~ Thanks so much for a great tutorial Jo :)
Check out Jo's Siggi Shop blog
She is a whizz with Paint Shop Pro and has made beautiful blog headers including the Inspirational headers!!

Her rates are very affordable too and she has the patience of a saint and is a really lovely lady to deal with :)


Jo said...

Thank you for allowing me to share this tutorial Julie, and thank you for the lovely appraisal, very much appreciated my friend! xx

Ruthy said...

very helpfull...I was wondering how to do this, now I know.

Rosietoes said...

I've struggled to do this for ages and have never found a clearer tutorial anywhere else. Thank you so much. I've still wee bits to perfect but at least I have made one from beginning to end and that's a first. :)