Monday 9 June 2008

Vicki's 'One Sheet Pocket Book' Tutorial

I have seen different variations of this, but I call it the "One Sheet Pocket Book". It's made out of one sheet of 12" x 12" paper and ends up with 8 pockets. The pages are 4" tall and approximately 2 5/8" wide (after binding).

This is such a cute size! It's definitely purse-size and can be used for holding so many different things.

In this picture, I have put some stamped images in the pockets. Wouldn't this make a great gift for a stamping friend?! Once they use up all the images, they can re-use the pocket book for something else. Here are some other ideas I've came up with for this little book:
Use it to hold
* gift tags *
* business cards *
* ATC's (altered trading cards) *
* wallet sized photos *
* phone numbers/addresses *
* credit cards *
* gift cards *
The possibilities are endless!
One 12" x 12" sheet of paper or LIGHTweight cardstock (I used double-sided)
1/2" O-wires for the Bind-It-All
Paper trimmer or scissors
Stamps, ink, ribbon, etc.

1. Using the Scor-Pal, score the cardstock at 6" (red/orange line in diagram).
2. Turn the cardstock over and score at 2" and 10" (blue lines in diagram). The reason I say turn it over is with the Scor-Pal, it is recommended that you fold your score lines with the bump on the INSIDE when possible. The indentation should be on the outside. It has to do with the way the scoring divides the fibers in your cardstock.
3. Now turn the cardstock 1/4" turn and score at 3", 6", and 9" (green lines in diagram).
4. Place adhesive as shown by the aqua lines in the diagram in four places. Fold at the 2" and 10" score lines, adhering them closed at the ends.
5. Using a paper trimmer or scissors, cut on the FIRST 6" score line made in step #1. You'll cut from the 3" score line all the way down to the bottom edge (orange line in diagram).
6. Accordian fold each side until it looks like the picture above. Obviously in this case, all of your folds will not have the scored bump on the inside/indentation on the outside. But you will have a general guideline for folding. Also, as you can see - my ends have not been glued together yet in this photo as I've instructed to do in step #4. So do not be confused, LOL!
7. The two pockets at the bottom in the picture above will be adhered to each other, back to back.
8. The entire book is too thick to fit into the Bind-It-All at once so you have to punch the holes in stages. First of all I punched holes in the two center folds at the same time.
9. Then I punched each of the other two folds, one at a time. Make sure you're punching all of the holes on the same side of the book, with the pockets all on the same side.
10. Insert the 1/2" O-wire with the Bind-It-All. Usually when binding books, they recommend that you flip the back cover around to the front before putting your O-wires in. But you can't really do that with this little book. So the ends where your binding wires meet each other will show on the outside.
11. Embellish as desired with stamped images, ribbon, etc.

I did not add a cover because I used lightweight cardstock. But you could add a cover if you wanted, and also use alternate binding (ribbon, staples) if you do not own a Bind-It-All.

Here is one made with ribbon as the binding.

And I stamped Avery address labels to seal the edges of the pockets. This way, you get a wider opening on the inside of the pocket than if you use adhesive on the edges.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

A note from Julie :~ Fantastic tutorial Vicki Thank you!!

Go and check out Vicki's Angel Stamper and Hook Happenings Blogs she is one talented lady!!

If you use Vicki's Tutorial please leave a comment with a link to your creation so that we can come and visit your blog :)


Alina said...

I love this , thank you for share it ! Regards from Holland , Alina

Sarah said...

What a great project!! Thanks for sharing this, Vicki!

Sarah G.

kasia | szkieuka said...

wow, this is awesome! it's my discovery of the week. I'm going make a sample book tonight :)

HDMac said...

What a GREAT idea! Could be used for punch cards from espresso stands, too. And how about coupons? I see lots of great uses for this! Love it Love it LOVE IT!!! Thank you for sharing with us!!!!!

RubyMay said...

I am book mad so thanks for sharing this. I can't wait to have a go !x

stamp and scrape said...

Thanks for a great tutorial - love your version, Vicki. Here's one I made:


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial. Had a lot of fun, making this minibook. If you are interested, you can see the result herexx Monica

Paula said...

I just made one myself, not as pretty as yours but just as functional. Thanks for the idea, something really fun to do with my granddaughters.

Patreska said...

GREAT Tutorial. Made a cute mini booklet from your instructions and posted it on my blog. Thank you for your tutorial.