Wednesday 11 June 2008

Lets Talk Hat Pins...

After seeing many of a card with a stick pin attached & plenty of discussion on the PTI Forum I decided to hunt out the pins and some beads to make my own, all materials used came from Jilly Beads

I started with a selection of beads and spacer beads.

Choose the beads you want to use and set them to the sideready to start adding them to your pin, The tiny lille silver tube that you can see is a crimping bead this will be the last bead you thread onto the pin shaft.

Start to thread the beads onto the hat pin shaft by adding the bead that you want at the top of the finished hat pin first, once you have all of the beads thread onto the pin shaft push them all to the top of the pin so that they sit tightly together.

The last thing to do is add a crimping beed to the pin, you push the crimping bead close up to the already added beads and nip it onto the hat pin with pliers this crimping bead will hold all of the other beads onto the pin and stop them from sliding on the pin shaft.

Here are 2 of the finished hat pins

A note from Julie :~ Thank you for a brilliant tutorial Jak

Go and visit Jak's Crafters Kitchen Blog to see more inspiring creations and click HERE to see a card featuring one of Jak's lovely hat pins

If you decide to use Jak's tutorial to make your own hat pins please leave a comment with a link to your creation so that we can have a look :)


Mrs. Nancy G said...

Wonderful!!!! Thank you so much!!!


Wendy Schoonhoven said...

Those pins are gorgeous, TFS, xxxWendy.

Unknown said...

That is sooooo neat! Now I must find HAT PINS!!! Wooo I am so glad you posted this, i didnt even think about it!

BlueRose said...

I am so glad that you posted this I love hat pins. Thank you very much ♥

jo anne said...

hi--i've looked high and low for hat pins with no success--at michaels, hobby lobby, joann's, etc. can you please tell me where i can buy some like the ones you used in your tutorial? your pins are lovely.

thanks much, jo anne

Unknown said...

I found these at Michaels and AC Moore's but they are not sharp. How do you get them thru cardboard or fabric?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant I will be making some very soon. Thanks