Wednesday 26 October 2011

Edible spooky eyes for Halloween

Halloween is coming along fast, so the communal library organized a midnight hike (well, actually it was between 7 and 9 pm) for kids. My DH and I are volunteer readers, so we had much fun reading ghost stories in the dark. A spooky hut in the woods was the perfect place for the 14 kids (plus 6 adults)... We thought that brave kids need something yummy to eat. I made skull-shaped cookies and spooky eyes. I put them in a transparent box which looked extra spooky in the beam of our torches...

The eyes are made with round sweets ("Nimm 2 Soft" in Germany - somebody told me they used Laffy Taffy or Starburst, maybe that helps).

You need:

  • Round, soft sweets

  • toothpicks

  • frosting (mix powdered sugar with a little lemon juice)

  • food coloring

  • a piece of styrofoam
Here's a little collage with the description, it should be quite self-explanatory - click to see the full-sized version :)

[Tutorial was first published in 2009]

Hope you like it! If you do, please leave a comment at my original post at my website. Thanks!


chillin with Quillin said...

Awsome, what a neat idea!!!

Sari Hänninen said...

när det kommer till faux metal frame card-kortet - så sätter jag det på en vanlig kortbas - och vips - så går det att öppna :).

Becky said...

What an awesome idea, thanks for the tutorial.

Sari Hänninen said...

åååh, sicken mysig blogg med massor av tips!!! den åker upp på favvolistan!!!!

cristmae said...

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