Saturday, 29 May 2010

How I made my Tulips

By Monika , ** Creative with Monika **

Hi Everybody this is the first time I will post something in here.... I'm very very excited :)

Today I want to show you how I made my Tulips :

1. First Punch many of  EGG shape with  Egg Puncher . I used 2 different Collor of Yellow Paper on this Photo.

2. Cutted the Darkest color until nearly the end of the edge but dont cut it all please :) then put the cutted Egg on the other yellow Egg. I used the stick glue in here.

3. Then with fluid white glue, I did glue the Stem.

4. This is my Tulips with the stem, do it again for the next tulip :)

5. This is all Tulips I have made for my card :

6. This is the card I made with 2 different Tulips in Yellow and in Red:

You can hop over to my   Blog  if you like to see this card  or just stopping by and say Hallo :)

Thanks for looking my tutorial :)



dora said...

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Dawn T said...

Well done Monika. Great tulips

Wiebine said...

Wat een prachtige tulpen zijn dat geworden zeg, ook een hele mooie kaart heb je ermee gemaakt,

Ayu (MimiPipi Craft) said...

Thanks for the tutorial Mb.Nika. Beautiful tulips

Dwita said...

Great tutorial, Nika... Love the result of the tulip. So easy.

KymKreates said...

That is so darling! I will try that out very soon! Thanks for sharing with us all. Job well done!


Karen Howard said...

Beautiful card, Monika! Love the tulip tutorial and that grass punch!!!

jaemom said...

Love these tulips made from egg punches! Brilliant!

Unknown said...

Monika you are so creative, such a great idea the tulips are fab and your card is beautiful x

Trinh said...

Great tutorial, Monika, and how clever of you to make tulips from egg-shaped punches! Thanks so much for sharing.

Tanika Iswandari said...

very clever mbak monika!! thank you for sharing your creativity :) luv, ika

Nat said...

Monika, this is a wonderful tutorial, love these tulips! :)

Cuchy said...

Brilliant idea. Thanks

Jayne Hayward said...

What a brilliant way to make tulips and so easy - must have a go at this myself.

Jayne xx