Wednesday 7 April 2010

A Tent Card Tutorial

By Debbie Dolphin
Really you can use any size squares, but here I have used two 6x6'' and a 4x6''.
Using a scoreboard score the 4x6 every inch as shown. This will create the bottom of the card.
For the front panel I used my largest blossom nestie die to make the aperture,then cut again with a smaller blossom die.This is then to hang with a jump ring like so.
Carefully adhere to the previously prefolded card as in the picture to the front panel.I find it best to use doublesided tape for this. Then repeat for the back panel.
When both bottoms are attached to the prefolded base ,then attach at the top and it should look something like this.
I actually find it easier to decorate before I attach it together.
If you would like to see how I decorated mine and the stamps and inks I used please visit my BLOG.
Debbie Dolphin


Debbi said...

Awesome! I've seen these but never could figure out how. Thanks for sharing!

karennarelle said...

what a beautiful card

mamiogée said...

J'adore cette carte : elle est très jolie.