Sunday 14 February 2010

Ribbon Flowers

Hello everyone. I'm really flattered to be able to contribute to Inspirational Tips and Techniques and so for my first contribution I'd like to show you how to make a folded ribbon flower.

So above, is the finished flower and now I'm sure that you all want to see how I made it.

First you will need to assemble your ingredients:

On my table I had:
4 strips of hot pink satin swiss dot ribbon each measuring 15 cm.
A few buttons. I hadn't yet decided which ones to use. You will need one bigger than the other though.
A needle. Use a sharp one.
Start your flower by putting some glue on one end of the ribbon:

Fold it to the centre add glue to the other end and fold that to the centre too. Your ribbon should overlap and form a loop that the glue holds together in the centre.

Once you've done this you can layer up the pieces as seen in the picture below and now you're almost ready to sew them together.

I played around with the buttons that I had on the table and I finally chose a pink and a green button as I liked the way that they looked.

You need to be aware that you are sewing a lot of layers of ribbon together so that's why you will need a sharp needle. I started by sewing just two pieces together to get the position right.

Now layer up the pieces and sew together. Add your buttons and sew together and your flower is ready to go...

This and other tutorials are available on my Craft Fairy blog.

P.S. I take requests for tutorials.


Julie Allain said...

Oh I love these thanks for a great tutorial... definitely on my list to do :)

Anonymous said...

OH I LOVE it!!!!

I really should try this, thanks for the tutilidge ;)

Manu said...

Thank you very much!!!

cra3y said...

thakey! it's a great tutorial!!!

hugs Sasha xx

Yassy said...

Muy bueno ese tutorial!!! :D lo intentare para uno de mis scrapbook!

Merry said...

Wonderful flower...thanks for much for the terrific tutorial.

Vinnie said...

wonderful flower!
Definitely on my to do list.

The Scrappy Tree said...

Great tute, thanks for sharing!