Saturday 8 August 2009

Make your own rainbow-colored yarn

I wanted to alter my Moleskine calendar with a little embroidery, but I couldn't find a nice rainbow-colored yarn. So I thought I might dye some white yarn. It worked! So here's how I did it:
Take some white yarn at the length you desire and wrap it around a pen. Cotton yarn works best - synthetic fibres wouldn't absorb the dye.

Attach the end of the yarn with a piece of tape:

Now you need three ink colors: Red, Yellow, and Blue.

To achieve a rainbow effect, dip some color directly on the yarn (ringlike, as shown in the picture). Yellow must be in the middle. Use a clean brush if your ink bottles don't have droppers.

Take a clean and damp brush to blend the colors. Move from yellow outwards to red and dab the yarn around the pen. An orange ring will appear. Now clean the brush and do the same with yellow and blu - green will be the result.

When the colors have blended nicely, you're done with the most difficult part.

Put a drop of blue ink on the red end and a drop of red on the blue end to get purple ends. Blend them with a damp brush - you don't have to clean it in between.
Put the pen on the rim of a bowl or a plate to let the yarn dry.

When it's dry, unwrap the yarn and use it for embroidery - have fun! Here's what my calendar looks like:

And what will you do with your rainbow-colored yarn? Please leave a comment and add links to your creations.


Deanne Clarke said...

Cool! Love your stitched notebook!

Teresa Abajo said...

What a fabulous idea! It looks great on the notebook.

Mary Director said...

WOW ... great idea.

Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

Very clever!


jude said...

Wow fabby project will give this ago thanks for the idea and inspiration
hugs judex

anke-art said...

Thanks, girls!

Dinja said...

Wow I like it!
it's very creative!