Friday 8 May 2009

A Mothers Day Gift (and Quilling Tutorial)

A craft project for all skill levels, a quilling version for more skilled crafters and a none quilling version, for mums and dads who are possibly making a mothers day gift with kids, simple enough even for children wishing to create a mothers day gift to give to mum or gran on mothers day.
Shown below is the quilling version of this Mothers Day Gift created with folded quilled roses , visit Pages Craft blog for images of the none quilling, silk flower version of the topiary Mothers Day Gift.

Supply List

Several sheets of newspaper or flyers

Container for base of topiary

Stem for topiary (I used an old wooden spoon)

Flowers if using silk flowers then any smallish ones will do

For quilling the roses

You will need the slotted quilling tool and quilling strips either purchased or home made quilling strips (see the how 2 )

In addition you will also need

White glue ,hot glue and gun,craft paint in complementary shade to flowers ,a few bits and bobs to decorate the finished mothers day gift eg. gift tags ,narrow ribbons raffia sphagnum moss …..what ever takes your fancy or you can add fringed grass (see quilling Tutorial)

To find out more about this Mothers day gift and quilling tutorial visit Pages craft blog
for other DIY gift and quilling tutorials check out Pages from the Heart Gift Books
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Julie Allain said...

WOW That is amazing !!!

Lilacanglia said...

Bloomin marvellous,
Its brilliant,

Craftzilla said...

Very cool! This must have taken quite awhile to create!

Inna's Creations said...