Friday 15 May 2009

Scrapbook Bubble Wrap Envelopes

Here is a video making bubble envelopes for shipping items in out of scrapbook paper. Much nicer than the tan/yellow manila type. Doesn't everyone have some old scrapbook paper that you bought thinking would be great and never used it??!! I know in my stash I this is a great way to use some of those up!

These turn out really cute and the recipient will surely love to receive it!

Please make sure to check out my blog at Lilacs and Lupines for other ideas!

Hope you enjoy the video:



Gribouille said...

Thank you for all theses techniques !! I note your blog adress on my blog !

Julie Allain said...

Oh this is fab Karen and a great little surprise at the end :)

Thanks so much for contributing here x

Kimmi said...

Awe I only found this! It says deadline 15.5.09 :o( nevermind!

Great Idea! Fab video!

Kimmi xx

Unknown said...

Great idea Karen! I can't wait to make them for my eBay customers who buy stuff!

Elia said...

Grat idea! thank you!
Hugs from Madrid, Sapin

BlueRose said...

OMG, how easy is that and I love how simple it is thanks Karen your the best!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

That's so cool. Thanks for sharing!

Oops, I messed up the link in my earlier comment, I wanted to tell you about an awesome contest I entered at The Original Scrapbox. Check it out and please vote for me, #327 for the cutest craft giveaway.
I explain how it is made at my blog:

Anuska said...