Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Mens gift wallet tutorial.

We see many lovely gifts for women, and the blogs are awash with crafty makes full of blooms and ribbons, but rarely anything for men.

I have had many requests to share how I made the men’s paper wallet a while ago, so here is a tutorial to help you make one yourself. They would make an ideal gift for a guy, and you can put whatever you want in them.

For this tutorial I used thin card, as it will be covered both sides with paper. Glues used were a strong stick glue (Tombo), and UHU for the extra strength needed in parts. All measurements are in inches. For a closer view of the details and written measurements, please click the imake for a larger view.

Ok then, firstly cut a piece of thin card 8 ½ x 5 ½ .

Then choose two pieces of patterned paper and cut both of these the same size. These will be your inside and outside of the wallet.

Glue your paper to either side of the card, then lay your covered card in front of you with the inside of the wallet facing upwards.

Next you need to make the score lines so the wallet can fold. Mark the measurents shown on the photo below, then score down the wallet at these points.

Now fold your wallet inwards from both ends, making sure you fold all four score lines. Don’t worry if the folds tear slightly on the outside when you fold them….

This can happen if the paper or card is quite thick. However I actually like it when this happens as you can ink it and use it as a distressed look.

Now flip it over so the front of the wallet is facing you. If you want, now could be a good time to decorate the front. Here I’ve just inked the edges, used a few stamps, added a few eyelets here and there and finished it off with a popper closure.

So that’s the outside cover done. Now for the inside, for the purposes of this tutorial I will call it the “inlay”.

Take another piece of paper and cut it 7 7/8 long x 4 ¼ wide as shown in the picture below. Add a tab ½ in wide either side and at the bottom of the paper.

Turn your wallet back over again so the inside is facing upwards. Now glue the tabs and stick the inlay onto the inside of the wallet. Remember you will have only the sides and bottom glued down. The top is open so you can put money in it.

Tip: be aware of where you insert closures when you decorate the outside of the wallet, you’ll see here I stuck a popper button right where I wanted the inlay to go, hence the cut-out part around the closure.

Once you’ve stuck the inlay in, go over the previously scored fold lines so they now include the inlay… so…..

Next you need to cut 2 strips of paper ¾ in wide, and as long as the inlay. Then cut 5 strips of paper ¾ wide and as wide as the inlay… so…..

These strips will make up the frame for the pouches for the wallet. Turn them over face down and arrange them into a frame as in the picture. Starting from the left, I have marked the measurements at where I stuck my bars on the frame. They should not line up with the wallet folds.

Now we need to make the pouches. All we do for this is glue a piece of paper, slightly smaller than the frame, at each part of the frame. As you look at the paper I have just glued, note that I have only glued along the top, bottom and left side edge. I can’t explain that any better so heres a pic…

Now for the second piece of paper that fits across the next part of the frame….this time glue only along the top, bottom and right side edges of the paper.

Turn your frame over, and now you see the inside of the wallet…..and theres why you didn’t glue all those edges just now… can stick things in it now! Please note that how you arrange your “frame” and pockets is up to you. Some of these pockets here are more for effect, but still work to a degree.

Now theres one frame that’s empty at the moment isn’t there….this is where you cover it with plastic. I cut up some plastic packaging for this. Just do the same as you did before with the pieces of paper, glue and fit it inside the last part pf the frame. As you look at the picture below, you’ll see I have glue 3 sides, top, right and bottom. This allows you to insert business cards, photos etc.

Now then….time to stick the pocket frame directly onto the inlay. However before you do this, I did a Calvism and took the pics the wrong way around, so just rotate the frame so the plastic business card end is at the left side….then stick the frame straight onto the inlay, remembering to only glue the frames bottom and sides….like so…..

Now for a few finishing touches, here I have drawn false stitching on with a white pen. Do this on the outside of the wallet too.

Now fold it closed and this will fold the insides nicely....

Check the top opens ok….

Lets see if the closure works… can use whatever you like for a closure, Velcro, buttons and ribbons, eyelets and ribbons…..anything….

So there you go… mens wallet! Not the quickest or easiest tutorial, and I’m sure there are others out there that are easier….but I am just showing people how I did mine. Hopefully it will inspire you to change it or do something different with it.

Hope you found this usefull....thanks for looking.


Unknown said...

I was hoping you'd share your wonderful tutorial here Calv

Thank you x

Risa said...

Very creative! Would make a great fathers day craft.

Nancy said...

Wow what a super idea!! Great tutorial:O)

Gez Butterworth said...

Ooh yes...would make a great Fathers Day gift. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Rounded Corner Business Cards said...

What a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing this very unique idea.

Unknown said...

I have had such fun today playing with this.

I got in a pickle with the pockets bit - but just invented my own stuff.

Have put my efforts on my blog - with a link to this

joydeep said...

Vow...this tutorial is just amazing.I am going to try this today..this is definitely an awesome art attack.

Zafran ali said...

Very creative! Would make a great fathers day craft.

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Its really wonderful gifts for men. Really its perfect gift for special someone in your life.

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hi thank for sharing nice idea..Giving gift has always been a trouble for me and I often get confused for that.

Men's Wallets said...

Nice and Creative way to making nice wallets for gift to some person who u love him.

Carla MBH said...

I'm going to try nephew is into the vintage look and I think it'll be a great gift. Thanks!