Friday 3 April 2009

Attaching charms with jump rings and chain

I use forceps (medical ones that I picked up from a medical suppliers) but any pointed nose pliers will do the trick, tweezers won’t work as they are not strong enough. I use cheap silver plated jump rings and chain which I get from the jewellery section in Hobbycraft but I would think you could pick these supplies up at any bead/craft store.

Hold the jump ring with both sets of forceps/pliers with the join uppermost.
Twist the right hand forceps/pliers towards you – DO NOT PULL IT OUTWARDS, all this does is misshape the jump ring, By twisting it forwards to open and backwards to close the ring remains a perfect circle and does not distort.
Repeat with the other end of the chain and feed this jump ring on to the brad to secure to your flower.

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Julie Allain said...

Thanks for this Bev its wonderful!!

Evgenia Petzer said...

I was recently thinking- how to make it... so easy, with your help! thanks a lot