Friday 20 February 2009

Princess Carriage

What do you think? I am absolutely loving how this little pretty turned out and I bet my niece who I made it for will love it too!!
Requirements –

Twidleybits pre-cut wood Carriage kit
Basic grey Patterned papers or assorted patterned papers to suit
Various paints and embellishments

To create –
Using the wooden pieces as templates trace each onto the back of patterned paper and cut out.
Adhere the patterned pieces to each of the sections. I also chose to cut pieces to fit each of the large floral shapes on either side of the carriage.
Use a piece of sandpaper or an emery board to smooth out fit of the patterned paper to the edges of your shapes. This will also help the patterned paper to blend into the shape as if it was always meant to be there.
Ink all your edges to hide any imperfections and to add greater contrast.
To complete my frame I painted each surface with the appropriate colour (eg green for the swirls and leaves and pink for the flowers). Once dry I dry brushed a pearlescent paint over the surface of the green to provide a means of tricking the eye into believing there was numerous layers of shading. Finally I added blended shades of pink to the flowers and the word princess before coating with a light glitter paint.
To decorate my frame I chose to add some large Tim Holtz chipboard hinges to the front section then painted them with a gold leaf paint. The inside pages I have only added a few embellishments so that I have plenty of room to add my photo’s.


Unknown said...

Too cute! :o)

Anonymous said...

WOoooaaw it's fantastic ....Wonderful....I'm dreaming when I see it.....


Louloupi from Paris / France ;-)

Mote said...

Fine!!! Can I ask for??? Where do you buy Twidleybits pre-cut wood Carriage kit? I live in Russia. I really want to know, may be possible to buy Twidleybits pre-cut wood Carriage kit for online store(internet shop). I buy everything for the scrapbook in America.

kendall.micayla said...

That is so pretty!

Unknown said...

This is so cute! But...where did you get the pre-cut carriage? I need to have one (or two, or three, or five) :-D

sparkx said...

'I love you I do'

Smriti said...

This is so cute!

Nerissa Alford said...

OOps! I meant to leave a comment on this post. That is just fabulous! Thank you for the tutorial.