Thursday 5 February 2009

Embossing Paste Tutorial

by: Jane's Creative Process

When I went to the craft show this past weekend, I was struck by one of the samples they had hanging in a booth. So... there went my first 20ish bucks at that booth. I bought the embossing plate and the embossing paste. They also gave me a sheet of directions on how to do the technique. I figured even I could manage to smother a metallic plate with goo and squeegee it off! LOL.

So here's what I started with supply wise:

Embossing plate of choice
Embossing paste (this is glossy white)
Dark colored paper
Spatula (I used a Pampered Chef pan scraper)
Tape (low tack)

First step is taping the stencil to the paper (so it doesn't move):

Back side:

Front side:

Next step is to add some embossing paste to your spatula and spread across the template. The trick here is to start off the template... drag across the template... and do NOT lift it up or put it down in the template itself (or it forces paste into areas where you don't want it). They sell spatulas (that look a lot like cake decorating spatulas...) but I just used a Pampered Chef pan scraper.

Turn over and take off the tape and gently lift the stencil away from the paper. If you want to add glitter... now is the time to do it (while the paste is still wet). I used the ultrafine clear glitter. Then set the cardstock aside to dry (do not use a heat gun). It'll take a few hours to dry. Then make your card!

Do you want to know a secret? I managed to get embossing paste on the outside border (where there should have been a solid outline around the tree background). So I just trimmed the cardstock right up against the trees and then mounted to another piece of cardstock the same color so you can't tell I made a boo boo.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for this tutorial! I have never seen these before and I think it made your card so beautiful! I love that template!


Mrs. Wacky said...

Just beautiful! Great job on the cover up at the end - I would have never known it - the border looks great, very sharp!

Anonymous said...

It's a fantastic blog,
Few bits and pieces i have to try, have linked you to my side bar...
Hugs Angel said...

Oh that card is gorgeous! Great tute, I'll be linking.

Julie Allain said...

WOW What a fantastic effect and a fantastic tutorial!!

Thank you Jane & Yanitza x

arootdigger2 said...

Nice pattern

Anonymous said...

I love your card. Its simple and elegant. I love using stencils. I use them with distress inks and of course embossing paste. I would like to make a suggestion. Tape your paper to your working surface, then tape down your stencil to the surface also. I learned the hard way about stecils moving. You can also add embossing powder, just heat after it dries. I learned it from Jennifer Mcguire.

musicbeeb said...

Lovely card! I just saw today a blogger use the paste. New Idea I want to try.
Thanks for your how to video. On the blog I saw earlier when she had paste on the edge she lightly sanded it(sand paper on a wood block) It was done by Deb Valder.