Sunday, 21 September 2008

Faux Ribbon banner

Hi all, Ive finally caught up on some house cleaning, washing and getting things back to some sort of normality after being away. I promised I'd post some cards so here's what we made at Mondays classes. The oval embossing was done by running your card through the cuttle bug using a plastic stencil, instructions shown here. I mounted this up with foam tape to the card front. The swans were stamps and they were 3D onto the front. I seen this Faux ribbon banner some time ago ....can't remember where but what a great little trick......To make the banner cut a strip of patterned paper to the length you need Mine measured 10cm long by about an inch wide.

Make a valley fold 2 cm in from each end.

Then a mountain fold another 1/2 to1cm along depending how high you want it to sit up.

Cut a V shape from each end.

Ink the edges and put 3-4 layers of foam tape on the back middle section. This will stop it from collapsing in the center and give you that 3d effect. I also curled up the ends.

Here's a close up pic of the finished card. I added a large oval message backed with foam tape......Valita


Unknown said...

Another fab tutorial Valita Thank you and your card is gorgeous!!

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

SO stunning! You are always so very inspirational. :O)