Sunday 24 August 2008

Dimensional Snow Card

I've used this technique tonnes of times in my scrapbook pages to grunge them up and love the effect. The best part is how easy it is and of course how effective it looks afterwards.

Required –
· Scraps of Christmas paper (I used Basic Grey), additional scraps such as vintage sheet music.
· Gap Filler (also known as pre-mix wall putty and/or spackle)
· Rubber Stamp (I used a Stampin up jumbo roller featuring snowflakes)
· 3 pigment ink pads (preferably from the same colour family)
· Ink brush
· Other bits to complete the card such as rub on sentiments, snowflake design felt tape.

To do –

Cover a 15” by 15” pre-folded card with strips of patterned papers and/or various ephemera until you are happy with the base. Ink the edges of the card with a cocoa coloured ink pad. (Its important to do this now as its more difficult to add bits of edge colouring later).

Measure out approximately 1 tablespoon of the putty and begin to spread it out along one corner and up along the two sides.

Using the roller stamp, roller into the putty while it is still wet to leave stamped marks in the putty. Put aside to completely dry.

Once dry, put out each of the three ink pads. Begin with the lightest colour and apply ink to the bristles of the brush. Dry brush the ink liberally over the entire area of the putty, pushing some of the ink into the grooves.

Next, using the mid tone coloured ink, again apply ink to the bristles of the brush. This time only lightly dry brush the putty on your card. This second colour should enhance the edges of the grooves to bring them out more.

Finally apply the darkest colour ink to the bristles of the brush and dry brush the edges of the card and across small areas of the card to add shadow and depth to the putty. Leave to dry thoroughly.

Once dry, add the remaining elements to your card to complete.

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Julie Allain said...

WOW This is fantastic!!