Wednesday 2 July 2008

Another Fantastic Flower tutorial from Joanne

These flowers are simple to make, and don't take as long as the steps in the tutorial would imply!
It is important to make sure that the pieces are dry before attempting any shaping.

  • Plain white printer paper
  • Green card or paper
  • Punches - leaf, heart, 1/4" circle, stamen
  • Embossing mat (or similar spongy surface)
  • Sponge
  • Markers
  • Tweezers, Needle tool (or darning needle), embossing ball tool
  • Stickles
  • PVA glue

For each flower punch out four hearts, one 1/4" circle, and one stamen from the white paper, and one leaf from the green.

Put a small blob of pva glue on a scrap of paper, and touch the point of the heart to it to transfer a tiny bit of glue. Only a very tiny amount is needed.

Stick the four hearts to the circle as shown.

Sponge colour onto the outer edge of the heart petals. I used colour from my marker, and transfered it onto the sponge by wiping the brush nib repeatedly in a patch on the sponge. Set aside to dry.

Using the markers, colour the stamen shape as shown. Then add a touch of Stickles glitter glue on each rounded end. Set aside to dry.

Place the heart assembly face down on the embossing mat. Using the needle tool held flat on the mat, curl each curve of the heart top by making a sweeping motion from the edge towards the centre - a bit like spreading butter. Press gently into the mat at the same time. If it curls too much then use less pressure, too little then use more. Only do this just on the curved parts of the heart shape - not all the way in to the centre.

Turn the piece face up again, and using the ball embossing tool start at the base of one heart, and make a spiral going in towards the centre. At first use only very gentle pressure, and then get a little firmer as you get into the middle. The more you want the shape to cup, the more pressure you need. If it cups more than you want, then gently spread the petals back down with your fingers.

Use the embossing tool in the same way to cup the stamen shape. Don't use the tool over the ends with the glitter glue.

Put a tiny spot of glue in the centre of the heart assembly, and add the stamens. If you don't have a bottle with a fine applicator, then use a cocktail stick or toothpick to apply a spot.

Place the leaf onto the embossing mat, and use the needle tool to score vein lines. Hold the tool flat against the mat, and press and pull the point from the stem of the leaf towards the tip. Then draw the needle from the centre vein to the edges to create the side veins.

Turn the flower upside down and put a tiny blob of pva in the centre. Place the stem of the leaf in the blob of glue. Leave to dry.

Finished flower. I have added a touch of clear Stickles to the centre of the flower - still wet in the photo!

In the arrangement I made on the challenge card, I added a few extra leaves here and there to fill it out. It is not necessary to stick the leaf to the flower base if you find it more convenient for your arranging.

A note from Julie

Thank you to Joanne for another brilliant tutorial ~ you can find more of Joanne's lovely creations on her Mainly Flowers blog HERE

If you use Joanne's Tutorial to make your own flowers please leave a comment with a link to your creation so that we can come and admire xx


Marja Sch said...

This is wonderful. Thanks a lot. Gr Marja

Tee said...

very enlightening. Thank You!

Kelly L said...

These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us. :) Kelly

Penny Hanuszak said...

Thanks Joanne..........this is an inspirational tutorial indeed! Very beautiful card sample and the technique is well detailed. have never heard of an "embossing mat and needle" is this something new?

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