Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Masked Glitter Background Tutorial

Lisa from Craftstore Junkie Blog has shared this brilliant tutorial with us:-

This is a technique that I really like because it can add a unique and beautiful background to a finished card. Its relatively easy but a bit time consuming and messy - so make sure you have some time and room on your desk!

I love Glitter Ritz microfine glitter for this. These glitters are absolutely gorgeous and they come in a huge selection of colours. The woman who owns the company which creates these glitters (In the Making Enterprises) calls this technique Burnished Velvet. Any ultrafine glitter will do for this technique.

Gather your supplies. For this project you will need a card or card front to apply your glitter to, glitter (I've used three colours here: black, white and peacock blue), some double sided adhesive tape, punches or die cuts or your choice and a large powder brush.

Adhere the double sided tape to your card wherever you want your glitter background to appear. I've used a wide tape here to cover the top part of the card.

Use a tape cover from a previous project and punch out the shapes you want to use on your glittered background. It must be the cover from your adhesive tape because it can not stick to the tape permanently. Do not use paper.

Here I am using circle punches because I want to imitate bubbles in my background.

Here are the shapes I punched out with my circle punches.

Remove the adhesive cover (do not discard) and apply the shapes to the sticky tape in whatever pattern you would like. Do not touch the sticky tape with your fingers or the oils from your hands will make it not so sticky. Use tweezers or an Xacto knife to place your shapes.

This next step is very important. Take the adhesive cover you removed and place it on top of the shapes. Press down with your hands or a brayer to push the shapes into the adhesive. This is so they do not come off easily during the next steps.

Now apply your glitter. In this technique the first colour down will be your background colour. In this case it is black. The second colour will be your middle ground colour and the last colour will be your foreground. You can use as many colours as you like in this technique. Apply the glitter liberally - make sure you cover all the exposed adhesive. I do this over a sheet of scrap paper so I can pour the glitter back into the bottle afterwards. Use your makeup brush to brush off the excess glitter onto the scrap paper.

Here's what it looks like once the excess glitter has been brushed off.

Next, remove the shapes you want in your next colour. My next colour is blue but I did not remove all the shapes I wanted blue because I wanted some blue to be in the middle ground and some blue to be in the foreground.

Pour the next colour over the piece and brush off excess with the powder brush. Then repeat with your next colour and so on and so forth until you have removed all the shapes and covered the entire piece with glitter. Be sure not to touch the sticky part - use tweezers or a knife to remove the shape pieces.

Once you have applied all your colours burnish the glitter by rubbing your finger over the entire piece. Do not worry about the glitter coming off - it will stick quite well to the adhesive and burnishing the glitter makes it shine better. This is what the completed background looks like.

And here is my completed card!

Supplies: Glitter Ritz Glitter (peacock blue, black, white), Stamps (Stamping Bella, Stampin' Up!), circle punches, ribbon, My Mind's Eye mini rhinestones, black chalk, Nestabilities scallop oval, Black ink (Palette Noir), Versa Ink, white detail embossing powder, double sided adhesive tape (Sookwang)

A note from Julie :~ Thank you for a brilliant tutorial Lisa

Remember everyone If you create something using this technique please leave a comment with a link to your creation so we can come see ;)


Kim Costello said...

wow really have to try this. I've done similar with fun flock but like the idea of glitter(who doesn't) TFS! Kim.

Anonymous said...

Well I was browsing the net as you do and came across your blog and this fantastic technique! I will most deffinatly be trying to one! thanks for sharing! :0)

Crafty-liz said...

I just tried this and it turned out stunning! Thank you for awesome technique!!! Will be making more in the future.