Thursday, 30 July 2009

Quilling A Puppy Dog

Since I did a video on quilling a kitty cat I thought it only fair to make a video on quilling a dog. I have to be fair to both sides or all sides of the animal world. Did I just say that? That means I have to quill lions and tigers and bears.....Oh My! OK, so I already did the bear :) you can find that one HERE. Thanks for watching!
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Unknown said...

awwwww so cute Monica you really are the quilling queen xxx

Lynn said...

Cuuute puppy!
Thanks for the tutorial.
How are you able to do that so adeptly with those fingernails!?

PS I made the cat and it turned out so cute, too!

Unknown said...


I can't do anything without nails LOL! Glad you made the cat......glad you're quilling!

Thanks! You really should try it!

Thanks Bunches!