Sunday, 28 June 2009

Decorated Notebooks

1. Choose your notebook.2. Carefully take the wire ring out of it. Set it aside.3.Spread glue over the cover of the notebook. Place patterned paper over it and trim it around.4. Using a hole punch, punch the holes in the patterned paper using the notebook as a guide.5. Lay the cover over the rest of the notebook, aligning the holes Put the wire ring through the notebook again.6.Decorate as you wish.



Lynn said...

This is an exciting blog spot! i am now a follower and soon to be contributor!
Nice to meet you, Susie.

Merry said... to find my notebooks.

Anonymous said...

This is one amazing post...Love this idea...You are dear...Thankd for stopping by...Katherinllen

Unknown said...

Deanne this is a great idea, Thanks for sharing xx

Ana Mary said...

Pero !que bonito todoooo! un besote

Gabrielle said...
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lila said...

hi i was looking for a blog like this to follow , great jobs!
u are wellcome to my site too nice to meet u!